What is Musicking?

Musicking is a holistic and active approach to music, conceived by the late Christopher Small (1927-2011). The idea is simple, yet surprisingly effective. It involves weaving several disciplines into your musical practice:

  • Listening
  • Singing
  • Playing
  • Movement
  • Composition

At Basel Musicking, you’ll learn that each activity plays an important role in instrumental instruction, and each one is greatly enhanced by participating in the other four. The first step in musicking is learning to listen to music, followed by moving to music, and finally the other three.

We All Have the Beat

Every individual is musical. Just as our hearts keep a steady beat, our lives follow the regular rhythms of nature. At Basel Musicking, we help you find the most natural way to develop your inborn musicality. Whether it’s in our workshops or personal instruction, you get to explore your creativity in an environment completely free of competition and comparison. Our aim? To help you add something new to the world. And, best of all, you will have lots of fun making music.

Meet the Musicians

At Basel Musicking, you will find that we are a group of dedicated and passionate musicians, who strongly believe music should play a big part in your daily life. We want to pass on our passion for music. Therefore we have created a free atmosphere where everybody can experience music in a new fun way.


Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, ever since I can remember, music, dance, and singing have always been an important part of my life. Growing up, I took private piano lessons and learned music theory, and even my free time was spent improvising on the piano. I discovered my real love for music through Mozart, treasuring the cassette I bought of his last symphonies at age 11. By then, I had only one goal for my life: to become a composer. I followed my dream, traveling to Austria when I turned 17 to study Composition. Afterwards, my path brought me to beautiful Basel, Switzerland. It was here that I finished my studies with a Master’s degree in Harpsichord and music pedagogy. I have since organised several concerts with music of my own composition.
Now, nothing gives me greater joy than passing on my fire through teaching. I believe deeply that the creative approach to music is the only meaningful manner of musicking.


I was born in Bern, Switzerland, spending my childhood inventing stories and singing loudly while hiking up mountains. At the age of six I started taking Violin lessons and later, during my teenage years, joined a youth choir where my passion for singing took fire. In 2016 I completed my Masters in vocal studies at the Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg (NL), following my Bachelor of Music at the Hochschule für Musik in Basel. I perform regularly as a soloist in Switzerland and The Netherlands. In 2018 I was a participant of the atélier lyrique génération Baroque and made my role debut as Cupido in Reinhard Keiser's Diana où la vengeance de Cupido. In 2016 I interpreted the role of Anne Frank in Grigory Frid's Mono-Opera The Diary of Anne Frank at the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I am very invested in baroque music and ensemble singing.Together with cornettist Jedediah Allen and harpsichordist Andreas Westermann I founded the baroque music Ensemble La Casella in 2016. The focus of this collaboration lies on the interplay between the human voice and the cornetto. In 2016 our tour commenced with the programme Feast and Famine.
Now it is my pleasure to help others discover and develop their own voice talent at Basel Musicking.


Since I was child growing up in Provence, France, my great passion was to listen, sing, play, and move to music. I always invited friends to private concerts at my home to share the joy of music, and for those who wanted to explore music by learning an instrument, I helped find teachers. Through those experiences I witnessed the extraordinary positive and transformative effect music has on our lives. Now, my desire is to work with professional musicians to create an environment that will allow many more people, including adults and children, to experience music by listening, singing, playing, composing, and moving. My education includes a PhD in Sciences from the University of Basel, and I’ve been a research scientist and manager for 20+ years in the pharmaceutical industry. The communication, leadership, and organisational skills I’ve acquired, plus my interest in education, have helped make Basel Musicking a reality. I look forward to enriching many people’s lives.