Basel Musicking Workshops

Life is hectic. You’re either busy working or shopping or raising a family or any number of stressful things. Wouldn’t it be nice to hit the pause button every now and then? Basel Musicking Workshops are the break you not only deserve, but need. It’s your place to free your mind, create many happy memories, and meet plenty of like-minded people in a comparison- and competition-free atmosphere.
Our workshops are designed for those who want to learn to get the most out of a musical experience, and are especially ideal for beginners. We will help you discover an inner musicality you may not know already exists, and bring out the artist and musician in you.
We invite corporate groups to leave the office behind, even if for only a little while. Get to know your coworkers in a whole new way as you explore your musical and creative side as part of a team-building exercise like no other.
Workshops are easily adapted for youths and children. A tenet of Musicking is that no one is too young to start cultivating their natural musicality. In fact, kids are very adept at taking a creative approach to music making from a very early age.

Movement Workshop

Music is a language unto itself, and just as with language, the best way to learn is through immersion. That is our goal in this workshop, with listening being the first step before introducing simple movements which coordinate with the music. By flowing and moving to the music, we can achieve harmony between the body and the mind. You will learn the secret to truly listening — how to personally get the most enjoyment out of a piece of music. This workshop is suitable for everybody, regardless of your musical experience.



Rhythm Workshop

Time to play! Choose a percussion instrument and start making music with everyone. It’s as simple as that in this workshop, and you won’t believe how freeing it is to let yourself go and get caught up in the flow of musical rhythms. Everyone participates through playing and listening, and you will even have the opportunity to conduct the group. Want to try a different instrument, and another, and another…? Be our guest! Rhythm is one of the most essential elements of music, and definitely one of the most fun. And the great thing is, you don’t need any musical knowledge to start playing.


Vocal Workshop

Your voice is the most beautiful musical instrument in the world — totally unique! — and it deserves to be discovered. Our Vocal Workshop is designed to put you completely at ease as you join others to sing your hearts out. It’s an amazing and liberating experience you won’t want to miss! You’ll learn the art of breathing and how it connects you to music in a natural way. And don’t be surprised if the workshop helps you relax and become more self confident. Previous singing experience is not necessary.



Composition Workshop

If you have played a keyboard instrument for at least two or three years, Basel Musicking has the perfect workshop for you. Composing music is one of the most beautiful — and rewarding! — handicrafts you could ever experience. But creating new music also presents a great challenge, which is why we help you take small steps to create your masterpiece. You will begin by taking an existing piece and making your own changes, before graduating to discover the many aspects which play a role in the construction of music.