Private and Group Music Lessons

Basel Musicking takes a whole new approach to teaching music. First of all, we believe in keeping instruction loose and creative, adapting to each person or group to allow everyone to develop at his or her own speed. While we put a strong emphasis on piano and singing (as they both encompass the main elements of music), you may also have the opportunity to explore other keyboard instruments. You will also find that dancing and movement are an integral part of our learning process, in an effort to avoid the dryness and monotony of typical music lessons.

Our focus on singing and keyboard instruments is based on a concept that dates back to the 17th century. Back then, you learned about the two elements which together form the foundation for all music: melody and harmony. The singer would supply the melody, while the keyboard player would provide the harmony. Basel Musicking has adapted these teaching methods to perfectly suit the modern student.

Piano lessons

Playing the Piano makes you aware of the harmony. Whether you are just getting started or you’re an experienced pianist, Basel Musicking will help you unleash your creativity through improvisation. You will, of course, learn fundamental hand technique, but only as a launch pad to discover a universe of your own making. Existing pieces are seen as a source of inspiration, where the player can introduce his or her own ideas. The goal is to gain an understanding of a piece in such a way that your own musical expression emerges.


Composition lessons

The fine craft of composition has been all but forgotten in our age. And yet composing was, for a very long time, the goal of all musical activities. We approach this goal step by step. First, we take an existing piece and explore how it could be changed and varied, for example why a certain musical phrase is used. Then the real fun begins — we put ourselves in the shoes of the composer and finish an incomplete phrase. Our tools are simple: a keyboard instrument, a pencil, an eraser, a piece of paper…and a supportive learning environment. In the end there is nothing more joyful than hearing or playing your own piece of music.


Harpsichord lessons

Harpsichord is a wonderful instrument which you may, at first, find challenging to discover its remarkable nuances. That, you will soon learn, is actually its strength. It sharpens your ears to so many other aspects — agogics, rhythm, articulation, arpeggios, different tunings — which all have their own unique charm. The one who is able to produce a good sound on the harpsichord will greatly enhance their ability on other keyboard instruments. The Harpsichord stimulates your senses in a different way and makes it possible to dive into the vast repertoire of baroque music.


Vocals lessons

Your voice is the most unique and powerful instrument in the world. We make you fully aware of your special instrument through breathing techniques, tone carrying, pitch control and matching, posture, ear training, improvisation, soloing, and expression. Our goal is to help you master singing in your preferred style or styles.